What Are the Dangers of Obesity?

What are the dangers of obesity? Clinic Care Center would like to share information about obesity for those who have obesity or for those who want to have information about it.

Although obesity is a common disease worldwide, it can be seen more widely in some countries. Especially in recent years, as the years have progressed, there has been a serious increase in the obesity rate. According to a study conducted in the United States, the obesity rate, which was around 10% towards the end of the 1900s, increased to an average of 25% after the 2000s. So this is a very serious issue. So what are the harms of this situation? How is the treatment applied?

The Dangers of Obesity

Obesity is a condition caused by an excess of body fat at a level that negatively affects human health. In this regard, people with excess weight may experience a state of obesity. Those who are over 25 kilograms per square meter are considered obese. Levels of obesity are also found. These levels can be expressed as initial, intermediate and high levels. It may take a longer time to treat high-level obesity, while it will be easier to solve the initial level.

The dangers of obesity include straining. Decadence. People who are overweight may have difficulty doing some of their work. For example, people with this condition may get tired quickly while running, have difficulty climbing the stairs, or be very affected while doing some work. In short, for people with obesity, doing some work becomes more difficult and more tiring than for people with an ideal body. The thing to do for a healthy life is to maintain the ideal weight.

There are many more dangers of obesity. One of them is that it raises invitations to certain diseases. Being overweight also means being overweight. The fats that accumulate in the body cause belly and appear overweight. In this direction, it is also possible to encounter liver lubrication. Fatty liver caused by having a fatty body can cause various problems. Therefore, every person should pay attention to what he eats, and those who have obesity should resort to treatment as soon as possible.

What Are the Dangers of Obesity?

Another thing to know about the dangers of obesity is that it is possible for people who experience this condition to encounter many more diseases. We can list these diseases as follows:

  • Paralysis
  • Some problems in babies after birth
  • Infertility
  • Gout
  • Early dementia
  • Hypertension
  • Cancer
  • Migraine attacks
  • Heart failure
  • Vascular occlusion
  • Vertebral problems
  • Early death

In addition, people with obesity may experience the following symptoms:

  • Dyspnea
  • Snore
  • Sleep apnea
  • Fast fatigue
  • Pain at some points due to pressure
  • Skin problems
  • Perspiration

Treatment of Obesity

Treatment of Obesity

There are many treatment methods to protect against the dangers of obesity. As one of these methods, we can talk about applying a diet. A diet is a way that can be successful, especially for those who have a beginner and intermediate level. Dieters can reach their ideal weight by starting to lose weight after a while. In order for an individual with obesity to lose weight, it is necessary to consume below the daily calorie requirement and engage in a more active lifestyle. For example, running for 1 hour every day or losing weight to different exercises, while eating a healthy diet makes it easier to reach the target weight.

Another treatment method used is tube stomach surgery. Along with this operation, the patient’s stomach is reduced, and in this way the patient begins to consume fewer nutrients, getting less hungry than before. This means that the patient’s appetite is weakened due to a decrease in it. Another method, the gastric bypass method, also meets Dec among the treatments used. Apart from the dangers of obesity, these treatments should also be known. You can get information about obesity surgeries through our whatsapp line.

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