Alcohol Consumption After Sleeve Surgery

Alcohol consumption after sleeve Surgery is one of the main issues that those who want to have surgery wonder about. In all surgeries performed under anesthesia, alcohol should not be consumed after sleeve surgery.

It is necessary to wait for certain periods of time for alcohol consumption after sleeve surgery. At the same time, it is recommended that patients completely abstain from some types of alcohol in order to lose weight. It is possible to use some alcohols under the control of a doctor after the surgery. In our clinic, alcohol use of patients is followed up with expert dietitians.

Alcohol Consumption After Sleeve Surgery
Alcohol Consumption After Sleeve Surgery

Why Is Alcohol Forbidden After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery is a surgical procedure performed for patients to lose weight according to their physiological and anatomical structures. In order for these surgeries to be performed, the patient must be severely obese.

It is also a method that can be preferred in the treatment of type-2 diabetes diseases. In surgery, an average of 80% of the stomach is removed. Since the intestines are not processed, it takes less time and less damage.

Since most of the stomach is removed during the surgery, patients feel full with less food. The reason why alcohol is prohibited is due to the fact that there is sensitivity in the stomach after the surgery. Alcohol can cause a stomach infection or increase sensitivity due to vomiting. Therefore, alcohol consumption should be suspended after the surgery.

When Can Alcohol Consumption After Sleeve Surgery

When Can Alcohol Consumption After Sleeve Surgery

Whether or not to drink alcohol after sleeve gastrectomy surgery varies according to factors such as the physiological structure, history and health status of the patients. If there is a condition that will reveal the harms of alcohol consumption, such as stomach disease, the patient should not consume alcohol for a long time. Under normal conditions, patients can start consuming alcohol 1 month after the surgery.

In any case, the patient should drink alcohol after 1 month. The alcohols that can be consumed are determined according to the diet lists. Not using sugary alcohols, which can cause weight gain, for 1 year will provide you with better results. At the same time, since alcohol can cause edema, weight monitoring cannot be done systematically.

Is it possible to drink wine after gastric sleeve surgery?

Patients who have had gastric surgery are allowed to consume certain alcohols. Since there is a risk of bleeding and infection after the surgery, you should not consume alcohol for at least 1 month. Drinking wine within 1 month causes inflammation and swelling of the stomach. It thins the blood and prolongs the healing process. You should wait for the time it takes to eliminate these factors.

As long as you can consume alcohol after sleeve gastrectomy surgery, you should pay attention to its calories when you enter. Red wine and white wine are not very high-calorie alcohols. It is possible to integrate these drinks with an average of 130 calories into your diet lists. Patients can consume wine 1-2 times a month.

Tüp Mide Ameliyatı Sonrası Sigara İçilir Mi?

Is it Possible to Smoke After Sleeve Gastric Surgery?

Patients should pay attention to some factors after sleeve gastrectomy surgeries, which reduce the volume of the stomach. Smoking is prohibited after sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Smoking delays the healing process in all diseases. It prevents the tissues from getting enough oxygen and may cause bleeding to stop when bleeding occurs. For this reason, experts recommend not to smoke after surgery.

It is wrong to think that patients who have gastric sleeve surgery cannot smoke. Patients can start smoking 2 months after surgery. However, it should be known that smoking in diet processes is harmful and not recommended. Patients should continue their diet without smoking in order to lead a healthy life.

What Is Forbidden After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery, which is a successful process in the treatment of obesity, takes an average of half an hour and patients can return to their daily lives in a short time. However, there are important factors to consider during this period.

Those who have gastric sleeve surgery are kept under observation in the hospital for 1-2 days. During this period, light foods are consumed and fast food, liquid and solid foods should be avoided. Patients who are fed with liquid first can start feeding with puree in a short time.

The idea that many foods are prohibited after stomach surgery does not reflect the truth. Heavy meals should not be consumed for 6 months and food should be left when the stomach is full. But all dishes can be added to the diet list. It is recommended not to use alcohol and cigarettes for 1 month. The use of extra vitamins and minerals is usually short-term and does not need to be used for life.

What Happens If Alcohol Consumption After Sleeve Surgery?

There are various risks of anesthesia in surgical interventions performed under anesthesia. Alcohol greatly increases the risks of anesthesia. Therefore, it should never be consumed before surgery.

Patients who will have sleeve gastrectomy surgery should stop consuming alcohol 10 days before the surgery. In order to have a healthy process, alcohol should not be consumed after the surgery. Alcohol can be taken 1-2 months after gastric sleeve surgery.

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