Thigh Lift Surgery Cost 2024 in Turkey, Istanbul

A thigh lift usually costs around €2500, including surgeon’s and anaesthetist‘s fees and hospital costs. All thigh lift operations are successfully performed by our experienced and expert doctors in our Clinic Care Center.

Thigh lift operations are very important and are operations that allow the skin to regain its youthful appearance. Many people turn to thigh lift operations as a result of sagging in the upper legs due to age or various environmental factors and lifestyle.

✅ Type of anesthesia:General anesthesia
✅ Hospital stay:1 night
✅ Operation Time:2 hours
✅ Pain and Discomfort:3 – 7 days
✅ Time Off Work:2 – 3 weeks
✅ Result:12 weeks until final result. Scars continue to improve over 18 months
✅ Sports and Exercise:2 weeks post-op – walking, 4 week post-op – fast walking/jogging, 6 weeks post-op – everything
Thigh Lift Procedure

What is Thigh Lift Surgery?

Deformations and sagging of the skin occur as a result of the increase or decrease in the subcutaneous fat tissue due to age, weight loss, genetics and various environmental factors. Thigh lift surgery is performed by experienced and expert doctors in the Clinic Care Center in order to recover this unpleasant image that causes the person to look unhealthy and old. Thanks to the thigh stretching process, the person has more taut skin and a younger appearance.

Why Do Thighs Sagging?

Rapid weight loss occurs as a result of heavy diets or stomach reduction surgeries. In addition, conditions such as excessive exposure to sun rays, aging, genetic and environmental factors cause thigh sagging. If you have such complaints, you can apply to our clinic called Clinic Care Center and find a cure for such problems.

Who is the Thigh Lift Operation Applied to?

Generally, women over the age of 40 are those who need and prefer a thigh lift operation. Women who experience excessive weight gain and loss during pregnancy also prefer this operation. Although women over the age of 40 generally prefer this thigh lift procedure, younger people whose skin type is prone to loosening and sagging also want to benefit from this procedure.

Apart from this, in some patients, the problem is sagging due to loosening of the skin, while in some patients there may be excess fat accumulation in the thigh area. In these cases, in any case, our expert and experienced doctors within the Clinic Care Center can intervene in the area and obtain a healthy and perfect appearance.

Before Thigh Lift Surgery

As in all surgeries, before the thigh lift surgery, our expert and experienced doctors at the Clinic Care Center perform a fully equipped examination and inform you about the details. In addition, it requests information about the drugs you use and your ailments.

Before the thigh lift surgery, photos are taken from the waist area to the knee area, and our expert and experienced doctor at the Clinic Care Center will tell you in detail what they will do on this photo.

Before the operation, as in every operation, general anesthesia will be given, so you should fast for 6 hours. In addition, the use of drugs that cause blood thinning during the pre-operative period should be left under the control of your doctor.

How is Thigh Lift Operation Performed?

This operation is usually performed under general anesthesia by our specialist and experienced doctors at the Clinic Care Center. It can be said that the operation takes about 2-3 hours on average.

For a successful thigh lift operation, an incision is made from the inner parts of the thighs to the groin fold points and the excess sagging fat tissue is removed from the area. Surgical scars remain on the inner leg, which will be the least visible when viewed from the outside. Therefore, there is no negative impact on the postoperative image.

Since too much sagging and lubrication requires a larger operation, you may need to rest in our clinic for a night and be kept under observation by our expert team. In cases where there is no excessive sagging and lubrication, if the skin quality is high, only liposuction is considered sufficient by our expert and experienced doctors in the Clinic Care Center.

Scars After Thigh Lift Surgery

As in all surgical interventions, some surgical scars remain in the thigh lift procedure. However, efforts are made to minimize these scars by our specialist and experienced doctors at the Clinic Care Center. Post-operative scars are also mixed between time-dependent healing and skin color. Small scars that do not turn into skin color are not visible because they remain on the inner leg.

Things to Consider After Thigh Lift Surgery

With the thigh lift surgery, the thigh part never returns to its old saggy and old appearance. However, skin aging continues. For this reason, in order to avoid repeated deformations, care should be taken not to experience rapid weight gain and loss, and a healthy and regular diet should be exercised. In this way, the successful result obtained after thigh lift surgery can be preserved for many years.

What Not to Do After Thigh Lift Surgery

After this surgery, especially in the first three weeks, it is necessary not to walk and stand. Resting as much as possible speeds up the healing process. After the third week, it is possible to walk and move, except for sudden and heavy movements such as running. After the sixth week, it can be said that there is nothing that should not be done.

Recovery Process After Thigh Lift Surgery

There is a bandage on the sutures in the operation area for the first two days after this surgery. There is no harm in taking a shower after two days. Post-operative pain occurs. Our specialist and experienced doctors within the Clinic Care Center will take care of you during your post-operative period and may recommend you to use painkillers when necessary.

It is normal to see swelling and bruising immediately after the surgery. However, as time progresses, these swelling and bruises will pass along with the healing process. It is necessary not to smoke for the first two weeks after thigh lift surgery. Because this negatively affects your healing process and increases the risk of infection. During your post-operative period, you can talk about all your concerns and problems with our specialist and experienced doctors in our clinic, and you can ask questions.

With Which Operations Can Thigh Lift Operation Be Combined?

Thigh stretching can be performed together with other body lift procedures by our specialist and experienced doctors at the Clinic Care Center. Examples of this are the following stretching procedures: arm lift, tummy tuck and face lift. Apart from these, it can also be combined with breast operations. In addition, thigh lift can be combined with liposuction.

Everyone can be disturbed by sagging and deformations in their body. As a result, stretching operations are applied. However, if you want to achieve the best and most successful results in this decision you have made on your body and do not want to regret it, you should get support from specialist, professional and highly experienced doctors. In this sense, our doctors at Clinic Care Center work to provide you with the most positive results and to make your body much more perfect than it is.

By making an appointment with our clinic, you can experience the perfect changes in your body under hygienic and sterile conditions with professional and experienced doctors. The first step you need to take for this is to call our clinic and make an appointment. Apart from that, you can talk to our doctors in a professional environment about the changes you want to make in your body and your body features that you are not satisfied with, and you can get information about how to proceed.

As Clinic Care Center, we are ready to serve you with our expert and professional staff who provide you with all kinds of support before, during and after the operation. You can contact our clinic regarding all your thigh lift requests and needs.

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