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Those who want to have ear aesthetics can comfortably do this in the expertise of Clinic Care Center. We are waiting for your applications for reservations and controls.

Ear aesthetics can be performed on different parts of the ears. Generally, a solution is sought in cases of earlobe, curvature and prominent. Depending on the patient’s condition, there may be changes in ear aesthetics. Clinic Care Center offers ideal results with a special procedure for each patient. Our work continues on the basis of mutual trust in patient-doctor cooperation.

Type of anesthesia:General anesthesia
Hospital stay:1 night
Operation Time:2 hours
operation notes

What is Ear Surgery?

Correction of the conditions that cause discomfort in the ear structure with medical interventions is defined as ear aesthetics. Ear aesthetic procedures are carried out in a clinical setting and by a specialist in the field.

All treatment processes in ear aesthetics should be completed correctly. A patient undergoing surgery will need to follow the procedures that follow. If there are disruptions in the process after the operation, the treatment will also be interrupted. Patients who do not show sufficient care cannot achieve the desired result.

Ear aesthetics can be done to solve a person’s visual pleasure or health problem. The reason may be due to a physical problem. Someone who feels pain while wearing earrings due to the size of the nipple in the ear wants to quickly fix this problem. There may be emergencies if there is irritation due to the curvature of their ears and trouble hearing the sound.

In ear aesthetics, changes are made in the outer parts, not the inner parts. Desired arrangements can be achieved in the cartilage and mammalian parts that form the outer ear structure. Our clinic has a wide range that can meet all ear aesthetic needs.

During childhood, adolescence and adulthood, expectations can change psychologically and physically. A road map will be drawn within the scope of your current needs and what kind of treatment will be decided.

A person who wants to have ear aesthetics should first be sure of his decision and get the doctor’s opinion. Answers to questions such as whether ear aesthetic surgery is covered by the state are given by our doctors.

How is Prominent Ear Aesthetics Performed?

When prominent ear aesthetics is performed, the procedure from the back of the ear is determined by our doctors in advance. You can feel the expertise of Clinic Care Center and complete your application with confidence in these applications that can be corrected with surgery.

When prominent ear aesthetics is performed, it is decided firstly in which area and how the procedure will be performed. There will be narrowing due to the wide angle between the head and the ear. If there is a lack of development in the folds, appropriate interventions are made. Operations can be performed according to the size of the prominent part of the ear.

After local anesthesia or general anesthesia, proper union of the ear and skull is ensured. The protruding part of the ear is removed by combining the marked part.

In order to gain a natural appearance, it is ensured that the prominent ear surgery is not too close to the head. When the ear aesthetic surgery is completed with appropriate angles, it will be necessary to use a hair band for a while.

The question of whether it is a bad situation to have prominent ears comes to the mind of many people. When the ears on both sides of the human face are outward to a certain extent, it can disturb the person.

In ears whose general ear structure is not prominent, this situation can be easily noticed by other people, so the focus may change. If it causes social anxiety, aesthetics is recommended.

Prominent ear problem can be fixed at home, but this will only apply to babies. If there is a slight protruding situation, a solution can be found by using practical apparatus. Thanks to the apparatus recommended by your specialist, your ears will have a natural appearance without surgery. Apart from this, ear aesthetics will be performed with a surgical procedure, also known as otoplasty.

Non-surgical measures can be taken for prominent ears because the body can change shape more easily when prominent ears are present in babies. The part of the question of how to make ear aesthetics about the bandana will emerge at this point. When the baby’s ears are kept regularly wrapped as desired, non-surgical improvement can be seen.

Ear Aesthetic Surgery

Ear lobe deformities can be treated in ear aesthetic surgeries. The earlobe may be larger than necessary, or it may be extremely small and absent. Procedures will be provided according to the patient’s condition and expectations.

The question of why earlobe aesthetics is necessary is related to the person’s own discomfort. People who have social and physical problems in daily life and want to change this apply to our clinic. We try to make special interventions when evaluating applications. The results are focused on within the scope of each patient’s own expectations.

Before earlobe surgery, blood values ​​are examined. It is continued by conveying to the patient how the tissue of the earlobe will change. In order to avoid coagulation, recommendations such as not using drugs should be strictly followed. Depending on the earlobe type, augmentation or reduction processes are carried out gradually.

Rules are extremely important during the recovery phase after earlobe surgery. It will be necessary not to wear earrings and not to play with the earlobe for as long as the doctor has specified. Avoiding all microbial conditions will ensure that the healing process is not interrupted.

Earlobe surgery is a process that requires patience as early recovery and final recovery periods. Except for the side effects of the surgery, it will be necessary to avoid situations that prevent the passage of surgical scars.

Ear aesthetics prices vary according to the procedures to be performed in our clinic. Pricing will emerge within the scope of the number of ears, the content of the surgery and other details. You can follow the innovations in our clinic in parallel with the updated treatment prices in 2022 and other years.

The characteristics of the clinical environment also affect the general use. If a general price is given about otoplasty prices, it can be between 3000 USD and 7000 USD.

The procedures performed in prominent ear surgery and earlobe surgery may vary. The scope of surgical procedures in surgical treatments, etc. varies with other treatments. While deformities in the ear are less in some people, they can be very pronounced in others.

What is Prominent Ear?

Prominent ear is the abundance of space between the skull and the ears, and the inner parts of the ears are visible when viewed from the front. Generally, there is a parallel situation in the cartilage section of the upper part of the earlobe. This gap is corrected in the surgery that should be performed by a specialist plastic surgeon.

Prominent ear surgery involves rasping and reshaping the tissues. Prominent ear surgery, which should be performed in hospital conditions, is an aesthetically important procedure. When ear aesthetics is performed, the surgical scar is not very visible. Since it is an operation performed on the back of the ear, there will be no visual scars.

Vitamin E and cocoa butter can be used to eliminate the problems caused by seam marks. Apart from these supplements that have healing effects, you should definitely pay attention to your doctor’s recommendations.

When prominent ear reduction surgery is performed, the duration of these procedures can be up to 4 hours. Although the minimum operation time is three hours, these times may vary due to tissue condition and other possibilities.

The risk status of prominent ear surgery is the same as the inflammation and bleeding problems in every surgery. It is generally among the low-risk surgeries. After the operation, the problem of blood collection is frequently experienced. In order to reduce the bleeding risks, you should not go beyond your doctor’s recommendations and maintain the hygiene of the operated area.

Lack of small ears is different from prominent ears. In terms of medical application details, the differences are very clear. Operations require a significant defect in the ear and the patient’s age of at least 5 years. There may be a congenital defect or an accidental defect.

Clinic Care Center, there can be appropriate medical interventions in many departments with aesthetic problems. You can safely apply to our private clinical environment and expert plastic surgery doctors, and you can get a smoother appearance.

Is cosmetic ear surgery painful?

In general, most Otoplasty (Ear Pinning) Surgeries have very little postoperative pain. Usually over-the-counter painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications are all you need to relieve the pain. However, like any surgical procedure, there are inherent risks.

How long does cosmetic ear surgery take?

1 or 2 hours

What is the best age for ear surgery?

at least 7 years old 

Does otoplasty last forever?

usually creates permanent changes in your ears

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