Alcohol Use After Sleeve Gastrectomy

Should alcohol use after sleeve gastrectomy? The stomachs of obesity patients who cannot lose weight with their own efforts are reduced after surgery.

How should alcohol use be after sleeve gastrectomy? Attention should be paid to alcohol consumption after stomach reduction surgery. Even if alcohol consumption after stomach surgery is not prohibited, there are several critical issues for people who will consume alcohol. Sleeve gastrectomy surgery can offer you the necessary support for weight loss. You need to strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations to increase your chances of success after surgery.

It is recommended not to use alcohol for a certain period of time after sleeve gastrectomy operations. In this process, attention should be paid to the diet. In addition, when deciding on the operation, patients should get rid of alcohol dependence.

What is Sleeve Gastrectomy?

After sleeve gastrectomy, 60 to 80 percent of the stomach is removed. The amount of food will be significantly reduced after surgery. You should follow your diet correctly after surgery. The way your body processes food and drink differs.

Should Smoking and Alcohol Be Quit Before Sleeve Gastrectomy?

Alcohol and smoking are harmful to health. Obesity-related mortality rates are extremely high. Alcohol and cigarette use in obesity patients causes the risk to increase more. These habits also affect the treatment process. The reason why it is left before surgery is that the recovery is fast.

Can I alcohol use after sleeve gastrectomy?

How should alcohol use be after sleeve gastrectomy? You should not drink alcohol for the first six months after sleeve gastrectomy. Alcohol enters the intestine and blood very early. Therefore, you can get drunk. Alcohol intake is not only valid in sleeve gastrectomy surgery, it is not recommended after surgical operations.

alcohol and nausea

Even after the recovery period, nausea and vomiting problems may occur. If alcohol causes nausea, you should not panic. To prevent vomiting, you can use anti-nausea drugs. If alcohol routinely causes nausea, you should quit completely.

alcohol and vomiting

You can vomit after sleeve gastrectomy. Nausea can cause complications. Surgery can cause your stomach to become inflamed and swollen. Drinking alcohol after sleeve gastrectomy surgery can make you drunk quickly. Precautions to be taken in alcohol intake after sleeve gastrectomy surgery;

  • You should not drink alcohol for the first year after your sleeve gastrectomy.
  • Be sure to have someone with you.
  • Be careful not to overdo it with alcohol.
  • You should make sure that you eat before drinking.

Precautions to Take When Drinking Alcohol

Weight loss is carried out in the first year. You are extremely sensitive to the intoxicating effects of alcohol. After sleeve gastrectomy, alcohol use disorder can be seen in some people. Sleeve gastrectomy patients are less affected than other surgical methods.

Should I drink alcohol after sleeve gastrectomy?

How should alcohol use be after sleeve gastrectomy? One year after sleeve gastrectomy, you can consume alcohol on demand. When used in moderation and carefully, alcohol will not be a problem. There is no reason to prevent the use of alcohol after the initial recovery period. You should consult your surgeon before using alcohol.

How Should Alcohol Use Be After Sleeve Gastrectomy?

After sleeve gastrectomy, patients need to review their lifestyle from A to Z. One of the issues to be considered after stomach reduction surgery is alcohol consumption. Alcohol consumption is not prohibited after sleeve gastrectomy. The fact that alcohol is not forbidden does not mean that you will consume alcohol uncontrollably. Although it is a drink low in alcohol, calories and fat, it can cause weight gain. You need to know these things about alcohol consumption after sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

  • You should not consume alcohol for the first six months after surgery. You need to act in a balanced way during the period when the stomach meets the food again.
  • Even if alcohol consumption is approved by experts after the operation, you should stay away from alcohol. Cocktails containing alcohol are high-calorie and can disturb the stomach.
  • You need to use less alcohol after sleeve gastrectomy.
  • If alcohol consumption is consumed regularly, you should definitely get support from a professional. You should pay attention to the consumption of alcohol, which is harmful with long-term use. As the stomach begins to shrink, weight loss will begin in the body.

How should alcohol use be after sleeve gastrectomy? One of the most preferred surgical methods in the age we live in is sleeve gastrectomy. You can lose weight with stomach reduction surgery. Nutrition before and after sleeve gastrectomy surgery is one of the most important issues. You should definitely get support from the specialist after surgery. You need to pay attention to alcohol use after surgery. It is never recommended to drink alcohol after surgery. Alcohol is one of the drinks with serious harms. You also need to pay attention to your eating habits under the supervision of a doctor. Alcohol is also among the most important issues. We can give you the best support in  clinic care center. You can call us for details.

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