Burn Scar Treatment

Removing burn scar is among the successfully completed treatments in Clinic Care Center clinical practices. The most appropriate results are provided according to the burn condition.

The degree of burns is of great importance in the treatment of removing burn scars. Since third-degree burns are not completely eliminated medically, they should be minimized. You can apply to Clinic Care Center to find the most aesthetically appropriate results.

Yanık İzi Estetiği Nedir?

What is Burn Scar Aesthetics?

Aesthetic interventions are performed on burn scars, and almost all of the deformed skin due to the burn is healed. Which techniques will be used to create a good image are under the control of our experts. We strive to use the right techniques in plastic surgery interventions. You can always feel the Clinic Care Center difference.

What is Burn Scar Closure?

Removal of burn scars with aesthetic procedures can be defined as closing the scars. However, burn scar coverage also refers to masking with tattoo-like techniques. In our aesthetic clinic, there are medical interventions other than tattoos.

Plastic Surgery Burn Scars Removal

The ways to remove burn marks are diversified with the technological innovations. While applying treatments, some technical devices are used. The importance of laser technology is critical.

  • Tissue expander balloon methods are a common but not always possible treatment method. Although it is the first choice, alternative applications may be needed.
  • If surgery is not possible on the burned area, alternative methods are used: The carbon dioxide laser method is among the most common. Fractional laser, erbium laser are among other ways. Gold needle radio frequency methods are also frequently preferred.
  • Fractional lasers are used on raised scars on the skin. It gives technically effective results in which elastic fibers are stimulated to correct redness.

What to Look for Before Burn Scar Treatment?

Many evaluations of the patient’s condition are required before the burn scar treatment is performed. The situation that prevents treatment is determined in and around the wound, which is extra important for the surgery.

It is checked whether the surrounding tissues of the burn are healthy. If there is a damage that may affect the surgery, alternative solutions are examined. Technical applications are made according to the width and depth of the burn area.

How Does a Brown Burn Scar Go?

A curious question is brown marks. Laser procedures are provided with the intervention of an esthetician so that the brown scars from the burns pass.

Laser treatment is important in terms of shortening the recovery period in the question of how to get rid of the brown burn scar. In case of darkening with a burn, recommended creams can be used.

Removing Red Burn Scars

Red burn marks form the center and periphery of the burns in the new condition. A deep burn scar may lighten in a few weeks, while superficial ones may get better in up to ten days.

For the question of how to get rid of the red burn scar, you can apply to our expert plastic surgery team during the treatment process. Procedures are performed and interventions are provided in accordance with the degree of burn. It is important for the skin to recover for a while in new burns. After the treatments that reduce the pain, the remaining traces will be removed with appropriate methods.

Aged Burn Scar

Sensitivity in the skin structure changes. Color and hormone structure affect the healing rates of the skin and can determine the fate of burn scars.

Getting rid of old scars can mean a grueling process. In our clinic, age-old burn scars can be closed with laser treatment applications and aesthetic operations. Since each of the burn scars is unique, appropriate treatments will also be provided specifically to the patients.

Remove Burn Scar

Ways Used to Remove Old Burn Scars

One of the methods used in the treatment of old aged burn scars is chemical peeling. In this method, an application similar to sanding takes place. Reconstruction is aimed after peeling off the injured tissue.

An important method of removing traces is the microfat process, which increases the collagen secretion. There are improvements and vascular increases in the skin with increased flexibility. There is an active application of stem cells in the procedures performed.

When there is no elevation in the wound, laser applications can be made for color equalization. It is aimed to reconstruct the traced area by burning it.

Things to Consider Before Burn Scar Surgery

The things to be considered before the burn scar surgery are explained by our expert team in our clinic with the directions to be made. If there will be an operation, the necessary conditions are specified some time in advance.

For the treatment of burns, a regional examination is performed to see if there is an obstacle to all operations and treatments. Necessary interventions are made to solve the operational obstacles and the process continues.

Burn Scar Treatment Sessions

Burn scar treatment sessions can generally last up to 6 sessions. In mild cases that heal easily, up to 4 sessions of treatment can be performed.

What Happens After Burn Scar Treatment?

In addition to the cream and medication support given by your doctor, you should consider the general recommendations. There may be some redness in the treated area. Crusting is also quite normal and improvement will be seen in a week.

Considerations in Burn Scar Treatments

Some details need to be paid attention to in burn scar treatments. Our Clinic Care Center clinic provides treatment from a safe ground and offers procedures by plastic surgeons and specialists.

  • You should take the necessary precautions to avoid edema in burn scar treatments. During crusting, it should be treated without edema. There are important details in terms of no manual intervention, sun and temperature sensitivities.
  • A scalded skin is likely if the burns are a secondary problem. These types of burns will be easier to recover from than high-grade burns. Although there is no need for surgical procedures, you should definitely take into account the recommendations of our specialists.

Third-degree burns will require extra precision in surgical procedures. In the recovery process, the controls must continue without interruption.

What to Do to Avoid Burn Scars

In order to avoid any traces of burns on the skin, it is necessary to avoid all situations that prevent the skin from renewing itself. You will need to take precautions to prevent burns at first. Then you should take measures to prevent the recurrence of burns. In every burn, the problems on your skin mean a nervous breakdown.

  • In case of burns, immersion under cold water as soon as possible is one of the first interventions. Before touching with hands, you should keep it clean with water and use the ice method that reduces pain. One of the natural applications, applying lemon to the reddened area will reduce the initial pain.
  • If the burn is very advanced, it is recommended to apply to the emergency medical institution immediately. The earlier the intervention is done, the better. As the treatment of burns on the skin is delayed, the depth of the scar will increase.

In order for the traces to pass, it is necessary to take precautions against external factors. The burned area should be kept hygienically. Microbes can make permanent traces of bad environment in terms of bacteria.

How To Get A Burn Scar In Practical Ways?

The question of how to get rid of the burn scar does not have many practical solutions. There may be some applications in terms of prevention and emergency treatment of burns. You can apply to our clinic to have the scars disappear as soon as the burn occurs. We have a team of experts especially on the scars of second and third degree burns.

Burn Scar Treatment Prices 2022

Treatment prices of burn scars vary according to the patient’s condition applying to our clinic. Each treatment application varies according to the patient’s condition. There may be changes in treatment prices according to drug and surgical treatments, laser technology, and other scar removal applications.

You can apply to our health center to learn the current results of burn scar treatment prices suitable for 2022. Prices will be formed more clearly according to the treatment stages and surgery status. Clinic Care Center provides services with confidence as one of the best clinics in the field of removing burn scars.

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