Dental implants

Dental implant is a synthetic tooth roots put in the jawbone on the purpose of support dental dentures and ensure stationary support in orthodontic treatments. The goal of implant implementation is the improvement of all kinds of tooth lessness with implants and implant dentures backed by them. 

The most popular surgical procedure carried out in humans is tooth removing. While full dentures are applied to patients who have all their teeth been removed, fixed or detachable implant can be implemented to individuals with missing some teeth.

Nevertheless, a revised implants cannot be done when there are no back teeth that can be used as a backup or in situations where the toothless field is too long.  In some cases, the implants placed in or on the jaw bones to ensure assistance for later implants.

The Advantages of Having Dental Implants

Dental implants have so many benefits:

  • Perfect View

Dental implants’ appearance like your own self teeth and build an inherent tooth feeling. Furthermore, they are persistent because they are intended to insure with bone. In additional a little more, when it comes to look and feel, the only noticeable between dental implants and your own teeth is that they are actual teeth.

  • Fluent Speech

In inappropriately implants, the teeth may glide in the mouth and lead incorrect pronunciation. Dental implantation provides you to talk without worrying that the teeth may glide with the dental implant operations we perform in our clinic.

  • The Perfect Tooth Root

The roots of your teeth are inserted to your jaw such as roots of a tree. When you forfeit a tooth, a space stays where the root is situated and these roots are remade with the implant implementation.

  • Ease of Eating

Traditional implants often glide and make it hard for you to please of chewing. Dental implants function such as your inherent teeth and provides you to satisfy your favorite foods without sentiment any additional effort or soreness. Our clinic’s dental implants ensure for better biting strength than an individual with typically dentures.

  • Self-confidence

Dental implants that made in our clinic can definitely give your smile back and support you to feel better related yourself.

  • Oral Health

Thanks to dental implants in our clinic, the forms of adjacent teeth do not need to be degraded or changed as in bridges. Due to adjacent teeth have not been changed to back up the implant, your naturel teeth will stay healthy in your mouth for an extended time. Implants provides you to have new teeth without harmful the adjacent tooth with an abutment that treats as your own tooth skeleton placed on them. Personal implants moreover improve oral sanitary, allowing simple access between tooths.

  • Durability

Bego implants can be used for an extended time or even for a lifelong when oral sanitary conventions are tracking.

  • Conformity

Dental implants avoid inconvenience faced in the lifting of dentures.

Dental Implants Operation

  • Stage One

Based on the preferred type of anesthesia, the mouth part is anesthetized and the area where the implant will be placed is carefully cleaned. If there is a damaged tooth to be extracted, it is extracted. Cutting is applied to the gum to reveal the bone where the implant will be placed and to facilitate the process. In order to create an area where the implant, which will serve as a tooth root, can easily enter, a deep hole is drilled into the bone with a drill designed for this and the implant is screwed here by our doctors. The implant is covered with the gum where the incision is applied and the necessary number of stitches are made.

  • Stage Two

After the implant is placed in the jawbone by our physicians, it is usually waited 2 and 6 months for the jawbone to grow and merge with the surface of the dental implant. This period is necessary for the body to provide a solid adaptation to the new artificial tooth.

  • Stage Three

After the growth and healing process of the bone is completed, an additional surgery may be required to place the abutment to which the crown will adhere. In this operation, the mouth is anesthetized and the gum is reopened to reveal the dental implant again. The abutment is attached to the dental implant and covered with gum tissue and sutured again. After the abutment is placed, it is waited for about 2 weeks for the gums to heal and recover.

  • Stage Four

Once the gums are well healed, a series of appointments begin to crown the new implant, and the oral molds required for proper alignment to the patient’s mouth are taken by our technicians. The crown is not placed until the jawbone has the strength and health to support the use of new teeth. These crowns One of the artificial teeth, which are removable, fixed or a combination of the two, is decided together with the patient.

  • Stage Five

The last step is the installation of the new crown. Sometimes, depending on which tooth is to be redone, our dentists may perform several proofs before the crown is complete to check its shape and whether it fits perfectly into the mouth. When a final decision is made, the artificial tooth is either screwed in or glued to its place. After the procedures are completed, it is normal for some small bruises and swellings to develop in the gums and soft tissues. To help reduce the swelling that occurs, a cold ice pack is placed on the skin immediately after the operation to the operation area.

Planning Your Dental Implants Operation

The first step in the dental implant process is to make a personalized treatment plan. The plan is offered to you by our dentists to meet your needs in a medical manner. Then, the prepared dental root implant is placed in the bone of the missing tooth.

As the jawbone heals, the prepared implant attaches securely to the jaw. After the implant is completely fused into the jawbone, it can be made compatible with the superstructure. Our experienced dentists in our clinic match the color of new teeth with your natural teeth. Because the implant is fixed to the jawbone, replacement teeth look, feel and function like your own tooth.

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