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Dhi hair transplant unshaven transplantation is a procedure that can be done easily by anyone. It is among the methods recommended for those who want to have a hair transplant. Since Dhi hair transplantation is applied with different methods, people do not feel pain and pain and heal quickly. For this reason, many people prefer the dhi method.

Since this method can be applied to each part of the hair, it has become possible to make a comprehensive planning. With Dhi hair transplantation, people can achieve the look they want without any problems.

DHI hair transplantation, which is one of the healthy and natural hair transplantation methods, is performed in private clinics with professional equipment. It is necessary to pay attention to the chosen center while having a Dhi hair transplant. Working with experienced people and experts also affects the efficiency of the process.

DHI Hair Transplant

What is Dhi Hair Transplantation?

Dhi hair transplantation method is among the procedures applied with special techniques. Each hair transplant method has its own technique and method of application. Dhi hair transplantation method also aims to complete the hair transplantation without feeling pain and in the most sustainable way.

Considering factors such as shedding density, the area is examined and then the hair transplantation process is started. It is a step-by-step process and the preparation phase is completed using next-generation technology. Micro tips are used in the Dhi hair transplant method and it is tried to be treated with these micro tips without leaving any traces as much as possible.

Is Dhi Hair Transplant an Unshaven Method?

Dhi, known as the unshaven hair transplant method, is a professional hair transplant technique. The process is performed without damaging the existing hair and without cutting that hair. Even if a small piece of existing hair is taken for sampling, this does not affect the overall appearance. Since the general appearance is not affected, this hair transplant method is preferred more often.

Since it is an unshaven hair transplant, the procedure is completed without the need to shave and cut the hair. Inspections are made in the area where the hair is sparse and transplantation is performed between these areas. It is a fairly simple and compact process. For this reason, it is separated from many methods and the process is completed without damaging the scalp.

Is Dhi Hair Transplant Successful?

The success rate of Dhi hair transplantation is quite high. First of all, it is already preferred by people because it is an unshaven method. New generation technologies are used and therefore the rate of efficiency is increased. Dhi hair transplantation is among the procedures that give successful results and leave people satisfied.

Those who want to have this procedure should first consult with experts and learn the most suitable hair transplant method for them. Because the hair transplant method does not only consist of dhi or fue methods. Hair transplantation is possible in different forms and techniques. Which hair transplantation method will be applied is determined according to the person’s health status, hair structure and other factors.

Is Dhi Hair Transplant Successful?

Does Dhi Hair Transplant Damage Existing Hair?

Hair is not allowed to be damaged in hair transplantation. The same is the case with the Dhi hair transplant method. Since the method is both an unshaven method and consists of reliable ingredients, dhi hair transplantation does not cause any damage to the existing hair.

Considering the person’s allergen status and sensitivities, hair transplantation is performed with new generation technological tools. For this reason, dhi hair transplantation does not harm the scalp, head structure, or existing hair in any way.

When to return to daily life after Dhi Hair Transplantation?

There is no need to waste time to return to normal life after Dhi hair transplantation. People can return to their normal lives as soon as possible, start their working life again, and continue their daily lives without any obstacles. Due to the ingredients used in this hair transplant method, people can quickly return to their normal lives very comfortably.

DHI hair transplantation method, which does not allow people to stay away from their daily lives, is often preferred. The reasons underlying its preference are the advantages of this method. Factors such as the low rate of crusting, a short recovery time, and a shorter return to normal life than expected include the advantages of this method. Therefore, those who use dhi in the hair transplant method can return to their lives and continue their daily routines.

Which Procedures Are Performed Before Sowing?

Dhi pre-sowing processes include new generation technology. Analysis procedures are performed before hair transplantation. In analysis processes, a very small sample is taken from the hair and the design is planned according to this hairstyle.

Examination of the region with special cameras is also unique to this method. In order to understand the type of scalp and examine the hair strands, the area to be transplanted is examined with a camera. Thus, the method is both personalized and results in higher efficiency. These methods continue to be applied reliably because the satisfaction of the people who have hair transplantation is also high.

Is Anesthesia Applied During Dhi Hair Transplantation?

Local anesthesia is applied in hair transplantation. In Dhi hair transplantation method, local anesthesia is applied before the transplantation process is started. In this way, it is ensured that people both suffer and react at the time of the procedure.

They do not feel any pain during the procedure and they do not have pain. Although some side effects may occur during the adaptation phase of the body after the procedure, these side effects are quite normal.

If people encounter extraordinary situations and side effects after hair transplantation, it is recommended that they consult with their specialists and go to a health institution. Dhi hair transplantation method is a reliable method and therefore the rate of encountering any side effects is very low.

What is the Purpose of Dhi Hair Transplant Method?

What is the Purpose of Dhi Hair Transplant Method?

Dhi hair transplantation method has some purposes. These purposes have been determined to get the highest efficiency from the procedure and to satisfy the people who want to have hair transplant. The aims of the method are as follows:

  • Do not damage existing hair.
  • Dealing by focusing on sparse areas.
  • To be used as a natural hair transplant method.
  • To learn the cause and type of hair loss.
  • To ensure that the area to be planted is examined and to facilitate finding the most suitable planting method.
  • To enable clients to return to their daily lives without wasting time.

It constitutes the main goals and objectives of the Dhi hair transplant method.

Does Dhi Hair Transplantation Cause Crusting?

Dhi hair transplantation and crusting problems are less common than other hair transplantation methods. In the Dhi hair transplant method, crusting is observed on the scalp after the procedure. Although crusting is experienced, the rate of crusting is quite low.

DHI hair transplantation method is often preferred for reasons such as eliminating the crusting problem in a short time and preventing the crusting from bothering the person. The fact that the crusting process is short has a positive effect on the healing process.

Dhi hair transplantation method, like hair transplantation applied with fue technology, both heals in a short time and is designed specifically for individuals. Since Dhi hair transplantation heals faster, people can easily return to their routines. You can get a price immediately by contacting Clinic Care Center Whatsapp.

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