Eyebrow Transplant for Men and Women Cost in Turkey

The average eyebrow transplant cost in Turkey is around 900-1500 Euro. Turkey is one of the best countries for eyebrow transplantation; experienced surgeons and qualified clinics in Turkey offer great eyebrow transplant results. Also, eyebrow transplantation in Turkey is much cheaper than in other European countries and the US.

Eyebrow transplantat is a procedure that anyone who needs it can do. Eyebrow transplantation is among the frequent choices of people who experience hair loss due to reasons such as cancer. Problems such as genetic reasons and excessive shedding can also cause eyebrow transplantation. Contrary to popular belief, sowing is not done only on the hair and scalp. Although the most common area of transplantation is hair, it can also be transplanted for eyebrows, beard and mustache.

It is recommended that those who want to have eyebrow transplantation have this procedure done by contacting professional and experienced places. Although it is widely performed, many clinics do not follow new technologies in terms of techniques. Eyebrow transplantation procedures performed using today’s technology show its effect in a shorter time. People who have eyebrow transplantation can continue their lives from where they left off. They do not need to wait or waste time to return to normal life.

What is Eyebrow Transplantation?

Eyebrow transplantation methods have methods that will cover everyone. Eyebrow transplantation is a procedure preferred by men and women. Anyone in need can have this operation, which has no gender discrimination. Eyebrow transplantation is one of the procedures performed when there is shedding in the eyebrows. If people experience loss, they can have eyebrow transplantation if they want. Eyebrow transplantation is a procedure performed especially in youth. Eyebrows that begin to fall out during adolescence can be performed with the sowing method starting from the middle ages.

There are many reasons for eyebrow transplantation and the main reason is shedding. Eyebrow transplantation method can be used to prevent these spills or to fill the empty space after spills. This method is a procedure that can be preferred by everyone in Turkey and in many different places in the world. The materials and methods used in eyebrow transplantation are slightly different from hair transplantation. This method specifically targets the permanent restoration of eyebrows.

For Whom Eyebrow Transplantation Is Performed?

Those who have eyebrow transplantation are the people who need this procedure. Anyone who has lost their hair due to health reasons, tram or other reasons can have an eyebrow transplant. It is recommended to be in good health both psychologically and physically for eyebrow transplantation.

Contrary to popular belief, eyebrow transplantation is not an easy process, and the person who has it done should not have any skin problems. Although people with skin problems or those who have lost eyebrows due to burns generally prefer eyebrow transplantation, an examination should be performed first. Depending on the causes of hair loss, eyebrow transplantation can be performed.

Eyebrow transplantation can usually be done from the twenties and can be continued until the seventies. The reason why it is called the twenties is because it is approaching the end of adolescence. Since the hormones are more balanced and the growth phase of the person is completed, eyebrow transplantation is a recommended procedure starting from these ages.

How Is Eyebrow Transplantation Performed?

Eyebrow transplantation is similar to hair transplantation. While eyebrow transplantation is performed, many methods used in hair transplantation are also applied here.

Although there are differences, there are more similarities. In eyebrow transplantation, the procedure can usually take up to 4 hours. The main reason for this is the examination of the area, the removal of hair from the nape of the neck and the application of all these procedures to the eyebrow area. A period of 3 to 4 hours is required, especially in the welcome placement phase of the roots taken from the back of the neck.

Elements such as the slope of the eyebrow, the thickness of the eyebrow and the line of the eyebrow are also very important. After all this design process is completed, the eyebrow planting phase is started. The stages following the eyebrow transplantation should be managed by experts and quality equipment should be used in this process.

Care should also be taken not to plant the eyebrow incorrectly. Clients may not be satisfied with the result that will appear when how many wrongs are planted. In order not to experience such problems, attention should be paid to the method of eyebrow transplantation, the materials and method used in eyebrow transplantation.

Why Is Eyebrow Transplantation Performed?

The reasons for eyebrow transplantation may vary from person to person. Although it is generally associated with eyebrow loss, the reasons for experiencing eyebrow loss can also differ within themselves. The reasons for eyebrow transplantation are:

  • Eyebrow shedding
  • Loss of volume of eyebrows
  • Losing the thickness of the eyebrows
  • Loss of eyebrows

The reasons for the loss or shedding of eyebrows are as follows:

  • Trauma
  • Accident
  • Burn – burning
  • Genetic factors
  • Diseases
  • Skin conditions
  • Exposure to wrong hair removal methods
  • Excessive shedding
  • Partial baldness

It causes loss and shedding of eyebrows. Eyebrows can fall out for many reasons. In this case, people should first find out why the eyebrows are falling out, and then they should prefer eyebrow transplantation methods. If there is an infection, cancer or disease on the skin and its level is advanced, eyebrow transplantation cannot be performed. Therefore, first of all, the causes of eyebrow loss must be found.

What are the Advantages of Eyebrow Transplantation?

The benefits of eyebrow transplantation are seen both physically and psychologically. The advantages of eyebrow transplantation can be listed as follows:

  • Making the person feel better.
  • Elimination of socialization problems.
  • If you are exposed to discrimination, the solution of this discrimination problem
  • Getting the best look for oneself
  • Meeting one’s expectations
  • Gaining an aesthetic appearance
  • Ending exclusions based on appearance (especially in adolescence and youth)
  • The person feels more comfortable psychologically and ends the pressure he has created on himself

It is among the psychological advantages of eyebrow transplantation. Problems such as hair loss and eyebrow loss can affect people psychologically. People’s comments on this subject may cause people to dislike themselves in front of the mirror. Therefore, in order to solve such problems, permanent methods of eyebrow transplantation and hair transplantation can be performed by our expert team at Clinic Care Center.

How Many Hours Does Eyebrow Transplantation Take?

The duration of eyebrow transplantation is between 3 and 4 hours. The process of eyebrow transplantation takes 3 or 4 hours in total. This process can be done in a single session, or in some cases, it can increase up to 2 sessions based on the health status of the clients.

Generally, the entire eyebrow transplantation process is completed in a single session and in 4 hours. Although there are some sessions where eyebrow transplantation takes longer, this situation varies from person to person. It is mostly between 3 and 4 hours on average.

What Should Be Considered After How Many Transplantations?

Crusting and shedding stages are among the things to be considered after eyebrow transplantation. After eyebrow transplantation, crusting occurs on the body. This crusting situation is also valid in the case of hair transplantation. Therefore, when crusting occurs after eyebrow transplantation, people should not scratch the area and should not do anything that will damage the area. This use process is a self-healing process. It is normal to experience crusting after each planting.

Is Eyebrow Shaped in Eyebrow Transplantation?

It is possible to shape with eyebrow transplantation. If eyebrow transplantation is done from scratch, then it is possible to shape the eyebrows. People who want to shape their eyebrows can convey the shape and thickness they want to the experts while designing in eyebrow transplantation.

How Long After Eyebrow Transplantation Do Eyebrows Grow?

After eyebrow transplantation, the period of eyebrow growth is 3 months. Although eyebrow transplantation gives the final result within 3 months, the healing process usually continues for 8 months. The main reason for this is that the adaptation process of the body changes from person to person and the application is carried out by different methods. Eyebrow transplantation is completely settled in the area at the end of 8 months.

Which surgeries can be combined with Eyebrow Transplant?

Some surgeries that can be combined with an eyebrow transplant include:

  1. Hair transplantation: If a person has thinning hair or bald spots on their scalp, they can consider combining an eyebrow transplant with a hair transplant. This procedure involves transplanting healthy hair follicles from the back or sides of the scalp to the areas where hair is thinning, providing a more comprehensive hair restoration solution.
  2. Beard and mustache transplantation: Beard and mustache transplantation can combing eyebrow transplant.
  3. Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty): Combining eyebrow transplant with eyelid surgery can help achieve a more rejuvenated and balanced appearance. Eyelid surgery involves removing excess skin or fat from the upper and/or lower eyelids, reducing puffiness, sagging, or droopiness. By combining this procedure with an eyebrow transplant, one can address both the upper facial regions simultaneously.
  4. Facelift: A facelift is a surgical procedure that helps to reduce the signs of aging by tightening the facial muscles and removing excess skin. Combining a facelift with an eyebrow transplant can provide a more complete facial rejuvenation, by lifting and tightening the skin of the lower and mid-face while enhancing the appearance of the eyebrows.
  5. Rhinoplasty: Rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping surgery, can be done in combination with an eyebrow transplant to achieve better overall facial balance. By addressing both the shape and position of the nose, as well as the appearance of the eyebrows, patients can achieve a more harmonious facial profile.
  6. Forehead lift (brow lift): Combining an eyebrow transplant with a forehead lift can provide a more extensive rejuvenation of the upper face. A forehead lift involves lifting and smoothing the skin of the forehead, reducing wrinkles and sagging. By combining this procedure with an eyebrow transplant, the overall position and appearance of the eyebrows can be enhanced, creating a more youthful and refreshed look.
  7. Otoplasty: Otoplasty, also known as ear surgery, can be combined with an eyebrow transplant to address both the appearance of the ears and eyebrows. Otoplasty is commonly performed to correct prominent or misshapen ears by reshaping or repositioning them. When combined with an eyebrow transplant, this can provide a more comprehensive facial harmony.
  8. Chin augmentation: Chin augmentation surgery involves enhancing the shape or size of the chin to create better facial balance. When combined with an eyebrow transplant, this procedure can help create a more defined and harmonious appearance of the lower face and jawline.
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