Regretting After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Regretting after gastric sleeve surgery usually complain about their inability to lose weight. These surgeries to reduce the stomach volume do not directly help to lose weight.

First of all, the surgery should be performed by specialist doctors and it should be a successful surgical intervention. Afterwards, weight monitoring should be started with a serious diet list. Regretting after gastric sleeve surgery, it cannot lose weight because they do not create the right diet.

Insufficient protein intake is one of the main factors that prevent the patient from losing weight. In our clinic, there are no patients who cannot lose weight after the surgery, and their weight control is followed regularly for 1 year. With our expert dietitians, you can reach a healthy life in a short time.

What are the Risks of Sleeve Gastric Surgery?

Each surgical operation carries different risks and is rare. Today, advances in the health sector and easy access to technological devices have significantly reduced these risks. Gastric sleeve surgery risks are divided into anesthesia risks, infection and bleeding risks. Anesthesia risks are risks that patients may experience in all surgeries and are rarely seen.

There is a risk of bleeding and infection after stomach surgery. Therefore, patients should stay in the hospital for 1-2 days. It does not cause a permanent health problem when intervened. Ulcers are also seen in some of the patients, and in case of ulcers, they can be treated with the right diet.

Gastric Reduction Surgery Death Risk

The risk of death in gastric reduction surgeries was found to be between 0.02% and 0.05%. Although it is known that these rates are very low, it is very important to perform the surgery consciously.

Before deciding on gastric surgery, every factor such as the patient’s health status, history and psychology should be evaluated. It is not generally recommended for people with stomach disease. Our specialist physicians conduct examinations to minimize the risks and decide on the surgery as a result of research.

Why Isn’t Weight Loss After Sleeve Gastric Surgery?

This treatment, also known as stomach reduction surgery, is applied to obesity patients and a part of the stomach is removed. Since 80% of the stomach is removed, patients reach a feeling of fullness in a short time.

The thoughts that the surgery will directly cause weight loss are wrong. Postoperative diet is the most important step in losing weight. Regretting after gastric sleeve surgery are those who cannot lose weight because they follow the wrong diet.

In order for the patient to lose weight, our dieticians prepare a diet according to their wishes. In this process, adequate protein should be taken and meals should not be skipped. Eating less will not help you lose weight in a healthy way. Although diet lists are not strictly followed, criteria such as not consuming foods to be avoided and adjusting feeding times are important.

After the surgery, the weight of the patients is frequently followed up. At the end of 3 months and 6 months, an average of 20 kilograms should be lost. If the patient cannot lose weight, the reasons preventing weight loss are investigated. If necessary, vitamin supplements are used and sports may be required. When it comes to weight gain after sleeve gastrectomy, your diet lists are changed and the process is kept under control by our specialist doctors.

Who Should Not Have Stomach Reduction Surgery?

The World Health Organization has decided to perform surgeries on those with a body mass index of 35 and above. Diseases other than severe obesity and type-2 diabetes do not cause the decision to be operated.

If the patient can lose weight with a different method, he should definitely try to lose weight with processes such as diet and sports. Gastric surgery is performed on people who cannot lose weight and have health problems due to excess weight.

There are also different factors to consider before deciding on surgery. Factors such as psychological problems and stomach diseases can also prevent surgery. For this reason, you should make sure that surgical decisions are not taken instantly and that you receive treatment from specialist clinics.

How Long After Stomach Reduction Surgery Is Weight Loss?

It is possible to start losing weight 1 month after the surgery. The process of losing weight with stomach reduction surgery is faster in the first place. Patients lose 20 kilos on average in 1 month.

Then, the rate of weight loss slows down, but weight loss continues. At the end of 12 months, it is seen that there is 80% weight loss in patients. However, there are important criteria to be considered for weight loss. Diet lists should be followed and blood values ​​should be checked frequently.

Regretting after gastric sleeve surgery and Who Have Regrets Gained Weight After Surgery

There are people who have stomach reduction surgery and cannot lose weight or even gain weight. Factors such as vitamin deficiency, insufficient protein intake, psychological disorders are among the causes of weight gain.

In our clinic, the physiological and psychological conditions of our patients are examined in detail. Since the process is not easy for Regretting after gastric sleeve surgery it, we work diligently and take care of each of our patients to reach their ideal weight.

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