Sleeve Gastrectomy and Hair Loss

Sleeve gastrectomy and hair loss are interrelated conditions. Therefore, it is normal to encounter hair loss in sleeve gastrectomy or stomach operations. Patients usually experience 30% or 40% hair loss. The general cause of sleeve gastrectomy and hair loss can be associated with unbalanced and unhealthy diets of people.

Hair loss occurs in dietary habits and rapid weight gain. Sleeve gastrectomy surgery causes your hair to slip telogen. This is related to the effect of the surgery on your body. This effect is stress, and when combined with other factors, it accelerates the loss of your hair. Nutrient deficiency also plays a big role in this.

Sleeve Gastrectomy and Hair Loss

How Long Does Hair Loss Last?

One of the most frequently asked questions after stomach surgery is how long does hair loss last? It is happening. This situation lasts for 3 – 4 months but does not exceed 6 months. Since the hair follicles are not damaged during stomach surgery, they come out more robustly than before. If your hair loss complaints exceed 6 months after sleeve gastrectomy surgery, you should consult your doctor.

Many patients and people with obesity problems complain about hair loss. They are also investigating different methods to prevent this. However, no matter what, hair loss will be encountered after surgery. The best thing to do for this is to regularly use the medicines prescribed by your doctor in this regard.

Saç Dökülmesi Nasıl Önlenir?

How to Prevent Hair Loss?

There are situations that patients should apply to minimize hair loss after sleeve gastrectomy operation. The best prevention method in this regard is to follow the directions of surgeons and dietitians. Thus, how to prevent hair loss? You will find the right and appropriate solutions for the subject. The guidelines recommended by doctors should be followed with full care.

These recommendations are very important in sleeve gastrectomy surgery and weight-related problems. Even in times of rapid weight gain and loss, there are points to be considered. As we progress in line with what is stated, hair loss ends when weight loss stops.

What should be done against hair loss after sleeve gastrectomy?

The sleeve gastrectomy operation performed by those who have problems due to their excess weight causes B12 and protein deficiency. Since this leads to hair loss, people have problems in this regard. Hair loss problem surgery 3. And 9. It is found in the months. Blood tests should be performed regularly after surgery and the relationship between sleeve gastrectomy and hair loss should be minimized. The purpose of doing this is to see if B1, B12 and protein supplements are needed. After such surgeries, sports and diet are needed to return to healthy life and regular life. With the necessary treatments, the hair starts to grow in a healthier way.

Saç Dökülmesinde Proteinin Önemi Nedir?

What is the Importance of Protein in Hair Loss?

When not enough protein is taken, hair loss problem occurs in people. This is also true when the sleeve gastrectomy operation is licked. The importance of protein in hair loss increases more in this period. Attention should be paid to protein intake, as protein deficiency will leave a negative effect on the body. The decrease in muscle mass causes the hair follicles to weaken and hair loss.

Patients who have undergone sleeve gastrectomy surgery cannot consume too many calories for l year. Towards the end of the year, patients who have consumed 800 calories should consume quality proteins as proteins. In the early days, the amount of protein recommended by surgery is determined as 60 grams. The amount of protein should be increased a little more after the first months and supplements should be strengthened.

When there is incomplete protein intake, hair loss is more common and new hair is not formed instead. When protein is taken regularly, both the quality of the hair increases and the hair becomes more lush.

Is it Obligatory to Diet Before Sleeve Gastrectomy?

Diet is performed in sleeve gastrectomy surgery and operations related to the stomach. But the main purpose of this diet is to reduce the size of the liver and make it of higher quality. In this respect, it is healthier to make a diet before sleeve gastrectomy surgery. However, it is not mandatory to make the diet because it does not show much effect. The mentioned diet is useful in terms of not forcing both the surgeon and the patient after surgery.

If the diet is not done, there is no harm in reducing the size of the liver. Since there is no thesis that scientifically proves this, the shrinkage of the liver does not depend on this diet. Our company performs the sleeve gastrectomy operation by prioritizing the health of the patient in line with all information and acts meticulously. In this respect, there is no harm in having a sleeve gastrectomy operation with peace of mind from a safe and hygienic point of view.

Finally, it should be noted that tube stomach and hair loss can be prevented by people. This is made possible by the doctor’s instructions and the nutrition of the patients. Minimizing sleeve gastrectomy and hair loss is provided by treatment. You can reach our Clinic Care Center from whastsapp.

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