Swimming After Sleeve Gastrectomy

Swimming after sleeve gastrectomy surgery is a subject that people who have undergone surgery are curious about. As Clinic Care Center, we shape your life with your stomach surgery.

Those who want to start swimming after sleeve gastrectomy surgery should act according to the doctor’s recommendations. After the semester in the hospital has passed, you can get an exercise program according to the stages.

Swimming After Sleeve Gastrectomy

When is swimming after sleeve gastrectomy?

Our Clinic Care Center doctors usually consider a recovery period of one month. The fact that the patient who has sleeve gastrectomy starts swimming after a month will bring many benefits. Swimming activities can be done 4 times a month twice a week.

When swimming is done after sleeve gastrectomy surgery, it is necessary not to force the body too hard and to follow the hygiene rules. You should not enter if you are unsure of the cleanliness of the sea or pool in case you do not fully discard the surgical sensitivities. Take care to protect your health by taking precautions against inflammation.

Benefits of Swimming in Those Who Have Stomach Reduction Surgery

The benefits of swimming in those who have undergone stomach reduction surgery can be seen from many angles. In addition to the general benefits of the sport, the benefits of the sport of swimming will manifest themselves more prominently:

1-) Provides Weight Control

After stomach surgery, your stomach shrinks, but if it is not taken care of after a while, it may cause enlargement. It is a scientific fact that it is proven that the metabolic rate increases in people who swim. A fast metabolism will be beneficial in the process of your body’s recovery.

2-) Strengthens Muscles

In patients whose muscular structure is weakened and suffer from excess fat, the main goal should be to multiply the muscles after surgery. You can contribute to muscle formation in a healthy way by swimming.  It will also contribute to your skin in the tightening process.

3-) Gives Flexibility

When you regularly do swimming after sleeve gastrectomy surgery, stretching in your skin will be more pronounced. You can feel the recuperative power of water on a regular basis.

4-) Supports Heart Health

Swimming activity, which supports heart health, will benefit all your organs indirectly. When swimming at a certain rhythm, the heartbeat is also regulated and contributes to your health. In this way, you will solve the effects of stomach surgery on blood flow.

5-) Reduces Stress Level

Among the benefits of swimming, perhaps the most notable benefit is that it reduces stress.  The feeling of cleanliness, the pleasure of swimming, is an innate sense of relaxation. In this way, you can overcome the stress processes that come after your stomach surgery more easily and make peace with yourself.

6-) Provides a Comfortable Sleep

One of the most important habits in the process of weight loss is to sleep regularly.  As a natural benefit of moving, you get tired and sleepy. Depending on the relaxation of your muscles, the time it takes you to fall asleep will also decrease.

7-) You Will Overcome the Stomach Reduction Surgery Scars Earlier

When people who have undergone stomach reduction surgery do swimming regularly, the feeling of wear and tear passes quickly. The physical and mental change processes caused by the surgery are less problematic.

😎 The risk of stomach re-growth is reduced

There is a risk that your stomach will grow again in the period two years after you have stomach surgery. At this stage, you need to keep the growth of your stomach very limited. With swimming, you can easily control weight and suppress the desire to overeat.

9-) Psychological Support

From a psychological point of view, the weight loss process can be corrosive with surgery. Getting used to a new order after stomach reduction surgery will also be a psychological battle. So you can get an easier result by swimming in a new diet and lifestyle.  As your stress decreases, your control over yourself will increase.

Clinic Care Center is a health center where you can get the necessary guidance about swimming after sleeve gastrectomy surgery. We are always with you with our treatments spread all over the world.

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