Advantages and Disadvantages of Sleeve Gastric

Welcome to our article, What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of sleeve gastric? Gastric sleeve gastrectomy surgery is a surgical operation that gives successful results in the treatment of obesity and is performed by professional doctors in our clinic. Obesity is one of the diseases that many people experience today for various reasons. Factors such as stress, depression and metabolic disorders can be counted among the main factors that cause the emergence of the disease.

When obesity begins to progress, the patient exceeds the amount of calories he should take and begins to lose the feeling of satiety. In this case, it is extremely difficult to control the diet. At the same time, obesity is a dangerous condition known to shorten lifespan. Gastric sleeve surgery is an extremely effective process as a treatment method developed to provide a permanent solution to this disease.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Sleeve Gastric?

What is Sleeve Gastric?

Gastric sleeve surgery has a deep-rooted history, developed as a result of observing gastroplasty and anti-reflux surgeries. After the first phase was completed in 1979, the first surgery was performed in 1988. During the trial period, 20 surgeries were performed and the patients were followed for 16 months. As a result of these studies, it was observed that each patient had a weight loss of 7-25 kg. Over time, techniques that will enable patients to lose weight in the first stage were tried and the laparoscopic option began to be preferred. Today, this technique is preferred because it gives faster and more permanent results, and it is successfully applied in many clinics.

Gastric sleeve surgery, which has become one of the cornerstones of obesity surgery, is also known as stomach reduction surgery among the people. Before surgery, it is important to understand whether the patient is suitable for surgery. For this reason, physical and psychological examinations are performed at the first stage. When the decision is made for surgery, psychological support is provided to prepare the patient. In our clinic, all procedures are performed completely and patients are given one-to-one attention.

Gastric sleeve surgery is performed as follows;

  • In these surgeries, the closed surgery method is used, in which the incisions are not opened.
  • A hole with an average size of 0.5 cm is opened and the treatment tools are sent to the abdomen via the camera.
  • The surgeon detects the operating area from the monitor screen and starts the surgical procedures.
  • 80% of the stomach is removed with staples and the tube sent to the abdomen.
  • After the stomach is inflated with the help of special dyes, the tube is removed.
  • Finally, the drainage system is placed and the surgery ends.

Since it is performed under general anesthesia, there is no pain in the patients. It is possible to continue daily life in a short time, as there is no serious pain after the surgery. In order for the effects of the surgery to be more efficient, patients need to be careful. There are diet lists to be followed at this stage and they are prepared by our expert dietitians. Our patients are under the control of our specialist physicians before and after the surgery.

Tüp Mide Avantajları ve Dezavantajları Nedir?

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Sleeve Gastric?

What are the Advantages of Sleeve Gastric?

Gastric reduction surgery has made significant progress in bariatric surgery since its inception. The main advantages of the surgery can be listed as follows;

  1. At the end of the surgery, the stomach volume decreases and you start to feel full with less food.
  2. There is no restriction on the type of eating, the patient can consume any food they want.
  3. Since ghrelin (hunger hormone) is taken, there is a great decrease in the desire to eat.
  4. Since no operation is performed in the intestines, risks such as bleeding and obstruction are not observed.
  5. The duration of the operation is shorter than other surgeries, it takes an average of 1 hour.
  6. The hospital stay is also shorter and it is possible to return to daily life within the same week.
  7. No foreign body is placed in the body, absorption is not interfered with.
  8. Since vitamin and mineral deficiencies are less common, it is wrong to think that additional supplements should be used for life.

What are the Disadvantages of Sleeve Gastric?

Since obesity surgeries are surgical interventions, different complications can be seen as in all surgeries. These effects are not permanent as they are rarely seen. Gastric sleeve surgery is a process that has fewer disadvantages than other surgeries. For this reason, it is preferred more and provides great advantages. The disadvantages can be expressed as follows;

  1. It is not possible for the stomach to return to its original state after the operation.
  2. The stomach may expand over time and weight gain may occur.
  3. Due to the high need for technological tools, it can be performed successfully in limited clinics.
  4. There are no conclusive data as it occurred recently and there is a risk of unknown effects.

What Should Be Considered After Sleeve Gastric Surgery?

There are important points that patients should pay attention to after gastric surgery. First of all, it is necessary to stay in the hospital for an average of 3 days after the operation. The patient is monitored for possible side effects and complications are eliminated with early intervention. When the patient is discharged, he should pay attention to his diet and follow a process according to diet lists.

1 week is enough to return to daily life. However, heavy lifting should not be done for an average of 1 month, and meals should not be eaten when the stomach is full. It is also important to consume plenty of fluids and to do physical activities that will not tire the body.

Tüp Mide Ameliyatı Zor Mu?

Is Sleeve Gastric Surgery Difficult?

It is very comfortable as it is a surgery performed under general anesthesia. At the same time, large incisions are not opened, and severe pain is not seen at the end of the surgery. Since weight loss will begin in a short time, the patient will begin to feel better both physically and psychologically at the end of an average of 1 month. It is an advantageous situation in the problem of what are the Advantages and Disadvantages of  sleve gastric.

When Is Weight Loss After Sleeve Gastric Surgery?

It is expected to lose 20 kilos within 1 month after the operation. Weight controls; It is done for periods of 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. At the end of 12 months, an average of 80% weight can be lost. In order to avoid weight problems, attention should be paid to the diet. It is effective in losing weight, but the patient’s eating habits cause changes in the rates. It is not correct to present precise data for sleeve gastrectomy surgery. You can write to us on whatsapp to get more information about the What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of sleeve gastric?

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