Hollywood Smile

In most common shape, Hollywood smile is a plastic smile design that gives you the smile of Hollywood stars. This smile design’s purpose is to make the perfect compliance between teeth, lips and gums.

Maybe this smile design is the only requirement for a more lovely looking accordingly a more charming appearance. Of course, the look of teeth and gums is huge factor in this smile design. Women and men can also use advantages of this design. Furthermore, we will touch on kind of issues like prices, operations and the how much time to get this design done.

But first, let’s straighten how Hollywood smile is done.

hollywood Smile

How Does the Procedure Work?

First of all, we can tell you that the Hollywood smile design accomplished in various different steps.

Initial, the patient must be inspection and her needs for a cosmetic smile be in need of to be identified. If there are current dental decays or gum impairments, they must be cured. After that, several issues like symmetry defects in the patient’s teeth are eliminated.

If there is a deficient tooth issue, implant treatment is imposed and thereby the outlook of incomplete teeth is eliminated. After followed, essential procedures can be begun for the patient to own this smile design.

Process for Hollywood Design

One of the most commonly worried about features of those who want to possess this smile design which procedure will be implemented.

Primarily, let’s say that the procedures to be imposed to give the patient a Hollywood smile can change. Besides, extra procedures may be necessary in line the requirement of the patient. Nevertheless, the procedures typically applied are below;

1-Porcelain Vener

Within the coverage of porcelain veneer implementation, tooth surfaces may need to be eroded at a slightly percentage. After that, leaf porcelain covering is implemented to the front section of the teeth, which can be acquire a whiter, smoother and brighter tooth outlook. This procedure is particularly favored for distorted, ranged, small or yellow teeth.

At the same time, this smile design can ensure a more esthetic looking in situations like fissures and brokens in the teeth. In addition, it also be noted that this smile design procedure that is conducted with just an exceptionally small intrusion in the tooth texture.

Thus, it is able to maintain the tooth construct and the porcelain veneer implementation showcasing a very inherent appearance thanks to designs mild opacity.  the fact that they don’t replace color is one of the most significant properties of this implementation.

2- Teeth Whitening

Of course, the sine qua none of the Hollywood smile is white tooths. For this cause, the most suitable tooth whitening method can be favored for the patient’s tooth construct and thereby the teeth can be granted a whiter outlook.

3- Implant Treatment

The implant treatment operation does not need to be conducted on each patient. Nevertheless, in order for this smile design to be excellent, the incomplete teeth need to be abolished.

In addition to all these, various cures can be imposed in situations such as decays in the teeth. After the inspection, exhaustive details will be supplied to the patient corresponding, which procedures will be implemented.

What Is the Material for Hollywood Smile?

Studying the construct of the teeth and gums, as well as the teeth, is section of the treatment. To apply the requested smile design, examination is implemented by professional physicians.

Some of the procedures implemented to have a cosmetic smile can be listed as below;

  • Teeth whitening
  • Porcelain laminates
  • Composite laminates
  • Full ceramic coatings
  • Zirconium plating
  • Orthodontic treatments
  • Implant treatment
  • Gum treatment
  • Lip augmentation

How Much Does the Hollywood Smile Prices in Turkey?

One of the commonly wondered problems is Hollywood smile prices. However as can be anticipated, the identical price doesn’t implement to each patient for this smile design. The cause is that the procedures implemented to patients to acquire an esthetic and lovely smile may change.

For instance, the budgetary that a patient who needs implant treatment and who doesn’t have implant treatment will be differ. At the same time, it must be noted that various features like experience of the dentist and the equipment’s used during the operation also have an impact on prices.

Because of that, it will be more correct to make a rendezvous and be examined first, and later to desire price details. But it is possible to say that Hollywood smile prices in Turkey are much more affordable than European countries.

Why Hollywood Smile in Turkey?

Because the production of the Hollywood smile in Turkey is made much more affordable than the price in other European countries. These operations, which are performed in a much shorter time thanks to the experience and achievements of the physicians, attract the attention of the patients and therefore bring them to the country.

Benefits of Hollywood Smile

In overall, we can list the benefits of Hollywood smile;

  • Have a much more esthetic and gorgeous smile
  • A symmetrical and whiter tooth looking is occurring.
  • A healthier looking of teeth and gums is getting obtained.
  • Treatment of current tooth and gum infections is also supplied.
  • A correct mouth closure is obtained.
  • A smile line is built in the form of a half moon or full moon.
  • Hollywood smile design is supporting the patients younger and more vibrant looking.
  • It is likely to make a differ with a perfect Hollywood design.
  • Those who get advantages from this smile design says that, they feel much better and start to confidence themselves more.
  • There is no need to take a long intermission from your job life or social life to take advantages from the Hollywood smile design, which has gained severely popularity in Turkey in latest years.
  • The Hollywood smile gives person a totally esthetic smile.
  • Because it is an implementing that is carried out by given the expectations of the patient, it is possible to obtain %100 satisfaction at the end of the process.
  • A perfect smile supports to gain the perfect appearance.

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