Mini Bypass Surgery Cost 2024 2600 € in Turkey

Mini Bypass surgery is a treatment method that we apply for the treatment of obesity with our specialist doctors at our Clinic Care Center.

Obesity treatments are applied when people are morbidly obese. In order to decide on the treatment, first of all, physical and psychological examinations should be performed on the patient. At this stage, psychiatrists and nutritionists work in our clinic. When it is decided to perform Mini Bypass surgery, our patients are prepared psychologically and are followed up seriously after the surgery.

Mini Bypass Surgery
Mini Bypass Surgery

What is Mini Bypass Surgery?

Mini Bypass surgeries are basically similar to RNY Gastritis operations. The feature that distinguishes these surgeries from other surgeries can be explained as connecting the intestine to the stomach without dividing it. At the end of the operation, one more connection was missing in total. However, this does not prevent a decrease in absorption.

Compared to RNY Gastric Bypass surgeries, the bypassed intestine is longer. In this way, absorption decreases, some of the consumed nutrients are not absorbed by the intestines. The passageway of gastric bile is reduced by surgery, and patients feel full with less food.

This surgery, which is technically easier, offers more precise solutions in Type 2 diabetes diseases. It is a permanent treatment and the possibility of weight gain at the end of the surgery is extremely low. However, the risk of complications is low, there is no liquid feeding situation.

Due to the advantages of the surgery, RNY has started to be preferred more than gastritis bypass surgeries. After the operation, patients can return to their daily lives in a short time.

As Clinic Care Center, we first perform the necessary examinations to diagnose our patients. If there is an advanced obesity disease, information is given about the treatment processes. Together with our expert dietitians, surgeons and psychiatrists, we deal with patients one-on-one at every stage. After the surgery, the patients’ diets are followed, and vitamin supplements are given if necessary to lose weight in a healthy way.

Mini Gastrik Bypass Güvenli Bir Ameliyat Mı?

Is Mini Gastric Bypass a Safe Surgery?

Mini gastritis bypass surgery is a treatment method that has been studied for many years in order to be applied to patients with morbid obesity. It was first defined in 2001 and applied to over 1000 patients.

Looking at the results obtained, it is possible to say that it is extremely safe and successful. Mini Bypass surgery, like all surgical operations, may cause various complications. However, these complications are not as risky as in RNY gastritis bypass surgeries.

In order for the surgeries to be reliable, it is extremely important to be treated by specialist doctors and to get professional service. For example, mini Gastric bypass surgery has a risk of ulcers. If administered to people with ulcer disease, progression of their disease is possible. Before the operation, you should pay attention to the examination of all your diseases and psychological examinations.

Since the stomach is not removed after the surgery, it is possible for it to be restored. Patients are kept under control for an average of 4-5 hours. There is no need to wait as long as in other stomach surgeries to continue daily life. Because of these advantages, many people have started to turn to mini gastric bypass surgery. As Clinic Care Center, we observe that our patients lose weight in a healthy way, as we do very successful studies.

Mini Gastrik Bypass Ameliyatı Nasıl Yapılır?

How is Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery Performed?

Along with the conditions required for bariatric surgery, the treatment processes followed also differ. Mini Gastric bypass surgeries can be performed on severely obese patients. It has been seen that it offers definite and permanent solutions especially in type-2 diabetes. At the same time, the probability of regaining the lost weight is extremely low. The steps applied during and during the operation can be listed as follows;

  • First of all, we perform physical and psychological examinations on our patients and examine whether there is an obstacle to the operation.
  • When our specialist physicians decide to have surgery, patients are prepared for the surgical process in the presence of psychiatry.
  • In these surgeries, micro holes are made in the abdomen, and a part of the stomach is bypassed through the opened holes.
  • Unlike other obesity surgeries, the intestine is connected to the stomach without dividing, and a longer piece is taken.
  • At the end of the surgery, the stomach end becomes smaller, and some of the foods consumed by the patients are digested without being absorbed.
  • Patients are kept under control in the hospital for an average of 1 day against possible complications.
  • Although there is a risk of ulcers and reflux, it can be treated.
Mini Gastrik Bypass Ameliyatı Kimlere Yapılabilir?

Who Can Have Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Mini Bypass surgery has entered our lives as a treatment method that can be applied to patients with metabolic syndrome, Type-2 diabetes and severe obesity. These surgeries are extremely suitable and healthy solutions for patients who cannot lose weight with exercise and diet. After this process, which is easy in terms of surgery, the patient can easily continue his daily life.

In order to decide on the surgery, the necessary analyzes are made by our specialist doctors to the patient. The decision is made when there is no obstacle to having this surgery. If it is difficult to lose weight by dieting and your living standards are negatively affected due to your excess weight, it is possible to get the desired result in a short time.

What Are the Risks of the Mini Bypass Surgery?

Mini gastritis bypass is an operation that is less harmful than other obesity treatments. As with all surgical procedures, complications can occur after this surgery. Possible complications include;

  • Wound infection
  • Leakage risk
  • Hernia at the incision site
  • Bleeding risk
  • Respiratory tract infection

When the short-term effects are intervened, it is possible to prevent diseases that will hinder the quality of life. Although there are rumors that there is a risk of death, this probability has been seen as 0.02%, and it has been proven that there will be no serious harm when done by specialist doctors.

Gastric ulcer or bile reflux due to bleeding, which is seen when the risk of leakage is not intervened, are diseases that can be treated. Since it is a method that we do not prefer in patients with reflux, no serious complications were encountered in our patients.

What Should Be Considered After the Surgery?

Gastritis Bypass surgeries can be performed very successfully thanks to the progress made in the health sector. However, there are important points that patients should pay attention to in order for the surgery to give successful results. First of all, the patient should be prepared before the operation and informed about the surgical complications.

After the operation, patients should be observed for 1 day. During this period, the risk of bleeding, infection and leakage is monitored. Our patients are checked regularly and they are taken care of individually. It is possible for them to be discharged after 24 hours and continue their lives. However, extreme care should be taken in nutrition for 24 hours.

Normal diet can be resumed 2 weeks after mini gastritis bypass surgery. The lists given by our dieticians should be taken into account, 3 meals a day should be eaten. If necessary, vitamin supplements should be taken after gastric bypass surgery.

Mini Gastrik Bypass Ameliyatından Ne Kadar Sonra Kilo Verilir?

How Long After Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery Is Weight Loss?

After the surgery, patients reach a feeling of fullness with less food. This helps to take under the amount of calories that should be taken in the long run.

In patients who start to lose weight in a short time, it is seen that they lose weight faster in the first place. In the following processes, weight loss continues and the desired result is achieved within an average of 1 year.

As a result of scientific research, it has been observed that 10% weight loss is experienced within 6 weeks after surgery. This rate increases within 6 months and an average of 25% weight is lost. It is possible to lose 40% of weight after 12 months after Mini Bypass surgery.

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