Body Mass Index Calculator in Kg and Cm

Body mass index calculator is a type of calculation that gives you a ratio by calculating your weight, height and gender with certain rules. This calculated index indicates that you are underweight or have a normal weight, or that you are overweight or even obese. It is possible to calculate body mass index with various formulas.

We can say that the simplest understandable form of your body’s mass index is the proportional equivalent of your height and weight. When you want to get rid of your excess weight by our Clinic Care Center health center, your body’s mass index is calculated first. In some cases, the body mass index calculation can be easily calculated compared to more difficult measurements such as the total fat ratio of people.

The universal abbreviation of this index, which can be abbreviated as BMI in Turkish sources, is widely used in the form of BMI. Those who want to stay at their ideal weight at all times can access what their ideal weight is with the result they find with the body mass index calculation method.

As Clinic Care Center, we calculate your body mass index for you in our health center and share with you what the result means for your health. You can find information about the details of the body mass index, which can be evaluated between certain intervals, in the subheadings.

Body Mass Index Calculator
What is the Body Mass Index Calculation Formula?

What is the Body Mass Index Calculation Formula?

When you have weight and height information with the body mass index formula, which is very easy to calculate, you will reach this index, which contains important signs for your health. Our health consultants and dietitians who serve for how to be healthier within the Clinic Care Center give you the formula of calculating this index as well as calculating the body mass index.

We would like to share the body mass index calculation formula, which you can calculate briefly and completely using four operations, so that you can see the status of your own weight and height area.

BMI = Your Weight / (Your Height) x (Your Height)

With this formula we share, the value to be reached by dividing the square of your height in meters by the value of your weight in kilograms will form your body mass index. Let’s make an exemplary body mass calculation together at the bottom, starting from the proverb that the cheese ship does not walk with words.

For the body mass index we will calculate as an example, our height is 1.80 meters and our weight is 90 kilograms. Since we have both height and weight information, let’s see if our body mass index has escaped.

BMI = 90 / (1.80 x 1.80) = 27.77 kg/m2 is your body mass index ratio. With this data we have now, we will have an idea of the body mass index ranges that we will include in detail in the next title and what these ranges mean.

What is the Body Mass Index Calculation Formula?
What Ranges Is the Body Mass Index?

What Ranges Is the Body Mass Index?

Weight is a body control state that is emphasized a lot for people, trying to lose weight with diets and sports, trying to gain weight with various additional foods and constantly chasing the ideal weight.

People can access body mass index information in our Clinic Care Center center if they wish, by applying the formula of this index that we share themselves. The body mass index calculator will give you the most precise information about your ideal weight that you want to constantly access or maintain.

Body mass index reflects not only the ideal weight information, but also how you are in terms of health according to which of the ranges you are in according to the rate of the result.

Now let’s look at what ranges the body mass index is in and see which of our own body mass index is compatible with.

If the BMI is between 0 and 18.4, it follows that you are quite weak. In this case, you will have to gain weight to reach your ideal weight.

If the BMI is in the range of 18.5 to 24.9, you have found your ideal weight. You should be careful to stay within this range and think that you are carrying a very good ratio from the body mass index cook.

If the BMI is between 25.0 and 29.9, we can now say that you should start paying attention to your weight. As Clinic Care Center, we recommend that you evaluate the stomach btk.s procedure if your body mass index is high.

If the BMI is in the range of 30.0 to 34.9, it indicates that you are in the first level obesity range and that you are a fatty person. Being fatty can pose dangers that can damage our internal organs, especially the liver. When your Clinic Care Center health center index reaches these levels, we can help you lose weight with the stomach balloon method, which is one of the medical methods.

If the BMI is between 35.0 and 44.9, your obesity level increases one step more and shows that you are an upper level, that is, a second level obese. As Clinic Care Center, we can recommend sleeve gastrectomy operation that can be performed with peace of mind in our clinic to our patients in this range from the levels where body mass index is dangerous.

If the BMI is 45.0 and higher, we regret to say that you are now in the last stage of obesity and facing a third level of overweight. For people whose body mass index reaches these levels, we prefer to apply more surgical and operational methods instead of diet in our Clinic Care Center health center.

Gastritis bypass, which is one of the methods of reducing the stomach, is a method and treatment that can be considered as one of them. Our experienced and successful doctors in our health center are very competent in applying the most accurate treatment method and medical procedure for these conditions of overweight people.

What Should Be Done If the Body Mass Index is High?
What Should Be Done If the Body Mass Index is High?

What Should Be Done If the Body Mass Index is High?

We would like to discuss what can be done if this index reaches high rates from the intervals of the body mass index that we have mentioned in the previous title and included in detail.

As Clinic Care Center, we would like to specify which treatment and slimming methods we recommend and apply in case of high body mass index, which provides information about our health.

If the result of the body mass index calculation is a high rate, gastritis mini bypass procedure for the stomach is also among the options as a surgical treatment method that can be applied to overweight and obese patients.

With these operations performed in a hygienic clinical environment by competent surgical doctors within the Clinic Care Center, the patient is prevented from surgically gaining weight in the body mass index ratios that can be considered dangerous.

It is necessary to be aware of how important the weight and height ratio is by knowing the body mass index. Considering the discomforts that occur with increasing obesity and overweight worldwide, you can produce solutions to your weight problem through the Clinic Care Center without becoming more dangerous.

Our health center has a lot of experience in weight control and surgical weight loss or weight gain arrest procedures of overweight patients. In order to prevent obesity, in cases where the body mass index is high, we stop the weight problem by intervening with the transit bipartition application and treatment method.

A ratio such as body mass index, which is a reference in reaching the ideal state of weight, is very valuable for our lives. With this index, we can learn the difference between our weight and our ideal weight and decide in which direction we should move. The body mass index calculator can be considered a topic that we can follow ourselves and re-evaluate according to our weight gain or weight loss situation.

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